Hydro-Fax Resources Ltd. Specializing in the area of Hydrodynamic Studies, Drill Stem Tests database applications and D.S.T. software development

About Hyrdo-Fax Resources Ltd.

Hydro-Fax Resources Ltd. is a company specializing in the area of Hydrodynamic Studies, Drill Stem Test (D.S.T.), Database Applications and D.S.T. Software Development.
Since 1987 we have been building a D.S.T. Digital Library across Western Canada and N.W.T..

Richard Bartlett, president of Hydro-Fax, has over 35 years of D.S.T application and hydrodynamic experience, having established Hydro-Fax in 1987. He has extensive hydrogeologic experience in the N.W.T. and Western Canadian sedimentary basin. Richard has given talks at the CSPG on a couple of hydrodynamic evaluations. Richard also has taught D.S.T. interpretation and the application of hydrodymanics in the industry.

Value of Hydrodynamics

  1. Determine the disposition of a reservoir's aquifer and its relation to hydrocarbons within
  2. Define pressure compartment's distribution within the respective reservoir
  3. Define direction of preferential migration through application of potentiometric surface mapping
  4. Determine where your prospect fits. Is it a new find or an extension of the known play?
  5. Determine where your reservoir's pressure is now!
  6. Define the reservoir's pressure, and through D.S.T. mapping, the quality of your reservoir and how it behaved while testing


In 1993 we initiated our update service to the industry. Our Historical Digital D.S.T. Database consists of more than 220,000 tests, and is updated weekly for the latest download applications.

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