Total Hydrodynamic Studies Available to Date

Devonian Studies - Alberta Basin
Elk Point Group/Zama/Shekilie
Digital 3000 tests
T.112-126 W6 September 1987  
Keg River/Rainbow Basin
Digital 442 tests
T.101-111 W6 February 1988  
Keg River.Panny-Senex
Digital 911 tests
T.81-126 W4 & W5 September 1987  
Slave Point/Fringing Reef
Digital 1917 tests
T.75-126 W5 November 1992  
Slave Point/Cranberry Hamburg
Digital 758 tests
T.85-111 W6
NTS 94-A-G-H
June 2002  
Sulfur Point/Watt Mountain/Glwd
Cranberry Hamburg
Digital 300 tests
T.85-111 W6 December 1997  
Slave Point/Kotcho-Sierra-Clark
Digital 900 tests
NTS 94-I-O-J-P December 1997  
Swan Hills/BHL, Woodbend
Winter Burn Group
Digital 1705 tests
T.45-70 W5 February 1991  
Granite Wash
Digital 1546 tests
T.65-100 W5 September 1992  
Glwd Mitsue-Hotchkiss
Digital 907 tests
T.65-100 R.1-28 W5 March 1994  
Nisku (D2) Formations
Digital 1963 tests
T.20-50 W4 November 1998  
Nisku Winterburn
Digital 540 tests
T.45-52 R.6-15 W5 March 2004  
Leduc Formations
Digital 750 tests
T.20-40 W4 May 1986  
Digital 639 tests
T.1-20 W4 March 1993  
D2/D3 Formations
Digital 515 tests
T.25-44 W5 September 1985  
Wabamun Formation
Digital 929 tests
T.65-88 R.13W5 13W6 November 1994  
Crossfield / Wabamun T.24-35W4 September 1996  
Jean Marie 94-NTS-I-P January 2001  
Mississippian/Permo-Penn-Alberta & British Columbia
Digital 423 tests
T.30-50 W5 November 1996  
Digital 475 tests
T.30-50W5 January 1998  
Mississippian Group NTS 94-G-H-J-O-P May 1985  
Debolt Formation
Digital 723 tests
T.75-88 R. 1-13 W6
NTS 94-A-B-G-H
December 2000  
Digital 872 tests
T.70-92 R. 1-13 W6 February 1992  
Kiskatinaw Formation
Digital 442 tests
T.75-88 R.1-25 W6 March 2000  
Belloy Formation
Digital 772 tests
T.75-88 R.13-25 W6
NTS 94-A-B-G-H
May 1990  
T.70-92 R.1-13 W6 April 1989  
Elkton, Shunda, Pekisko, Banff
Digital 1200 tests
T35-50 R.1-11W5 December 1996  
HLFY-DOIG-MNTN T.83-88 R.22-25W6
NTS 94-B-1-10
September 2005  
Baldonnel Formation
Digital 2204 tests
T.77-88 R.13-26W6
NTS 94-A-H
January 2000  
Baldonnel Formation NTS 93-F-O-P November 2001  
Halfway-Doig Formation
Digital 1128 tests
T.60-90 R.1-13 W6 November 2000  
Halfway Formation
Digital 1864 tests
T.75-88 R.13 W6
NTS 94-A-B-H-I
November 2000  
Halfway/Charlie Lake/Inga
Digital 1056 tests
T.75-88 R.13-26 W6
NTS 94-A-H
September 1989  
Montney Formation
Digital 650 tests
T.61-71 R.1-29W5 November 2011  
Montney Formation
Digital 425 tests
T.71-81 R.15-28W5 November 2011  
Lower Cretaceous Studies
Digital 1500 tests
TWP 50-80 W5,W6 NE BC August 2003  
Digital 1200 tests
TWP 77-88W6
NTS 94-B
September 2005  
Glaucontic Formation
Digital 1050 tests
T.30-50 W5 April 1984  
Cadotte T.59-67 R.1-13W6 August 2007  
Grand Rapids/McMurray-GRSM-KEGR
T.72-88 R.1-17 W4 November 2008  
Upper Cretaceous Studies
Cardium Formation
Digital 1155 tests
T.25-49 R.1-22W5 July 2011  
Cardium Formation
Digital 1704 tests plus production tests
T.50-80 R.1W5-13 W6 & BC July 2010  
Dunnegan / Doe Creek TWP 50-80 R6 W5-13 W6
October 2004  
Viking Formation
Digital 1900 tests
T.25-55 R.1-22W5 November 2011  
Viking Formation
T.35-41 W4 December 2014  
Bow Island
Digital 346 tests
T.1-20 R.17 W4-W5 April 1990  
Colony Formation
Digital 334 tests
T.69-82 R.8-20 W4 December 1992  
Devonian Studies
Digital 261 tests
T.1-15 R.1-29 W2 September 1992  
Digital 612
T.1-40 R.21 W1-28 W3 August 1993  
Mississippian Studies
Digital 251 tests
T.1-20 R.1-30 W2 July 2008  
Madison Group
Digital 116 tests
T.1-20 R.17-30 W3 November 1994  
Jurassic Studies
Digital 300 tests
T.1-20 R.17-30 W3 November 1994  
NWT All Formations
Norman Wells / Coleville August 2000  

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All of the above data is subject to change.